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The KÂMA's adventure starts in 1988 in La Rochelle with 4 ruffled boys fans among others Beatles, Genesis and Magma. The group makes its first demos and plays in "Vendée". In the mid-1990s, the separation of the members destroys their ambition. In 2011, bassist Jean-Marc Affonço reforms the group in "Auvergne" with guitarist Matthieu Perruche and Yves Pequin on writing / vocals / keyboard. In 2015 with the arrival of Jean-Marc's brother, Bamby Affonço, metal drummer (Absolute, Pink Tatami) and thanks of a few promising shows, the band decides to go to the studio. During the recording, Bertrand Burel replaces Yves on vocals. In October 2017 is released the first album of KÂMA entitled "Les Foules Prosternées" with the music video "Citoyen".