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Belgian rock band AmAndA was formed in 1999 by keyboard player Mik3 and charismatic singer Thibaut de Halleux, the latter having already won a national TV contest with his former band Scandale.

Their first album « Qui Est AmAndA » was released in 2002 and their unique blend of rock, pop, lyrical oriented vocals and theatrics was warmly received by music enthusiasts and related medias. Moreover, the band’s intensity during their live performances helped them build a solid reputation, not only in the rock, prog-rock scene, but also mainstream.

With « La Maison De Flore » being released in Belgium in may 2007, AmAndA goes one step further. The arrangements, orchestrations, and finesse that became the band’s trademark on « Qui Est AmAndA » now are coupled with a much harder edge on guitars. On this new album, one can treat himself with some great guitar work. From the melodic solos on « Blonde » or the twin harmonies of « Les Choses Equivalentes » to the more complicated playing as can be heard on « Te Quitter », AmAndA’s new offering will please the old fans as it will certainly bring new ones to discover this unique band.