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Band from the mysterious Auvergne founded in 1995, five musicians and three albums made at one's own expense: Inchivala (2000), La vie de Rose (2004) and Saison 3 (2009).
MONNAIE DE SINGE expresses a strong social criticism based on engaged texts with clear messages, the whole served on a background of rock music. Precise and efficient, they encourage us to stay clear-sighted in every circumstance, and to be wary of the false gentleness of things. A global atmosphere very politically concerned where the guitar riffs are at the front of the scene. We find once again in this group a mixture of their numerous influences but with a tainted freshness of Auvergne.
Since the launching of the third album, a sixth man (keyboard) has clinged on to the harness and gives a more progressive color to the whole.