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A group founded around the millennium change, Madelgaire chose its base in the small town of Soignies (some 50Km southwest from Brussels), but the members come from a 40 km-wide area, overlapping their buddies of AmAndA's area, to which they bear some sonic similarities, not least choosing to profess their love of the French language, even if this group also delve in the English realm. Madelgaire took their name from a local medieval hero, and it's not fortuitous since they have a certain medieval-folk and Raconteur-Troubadour side to their music with two distinctive singers: frontman Dominique Lossignol and drummer Pascal Rocteur. They released a 4-track demo with the help of then-friends Globalys (also more or less sharing the same turf) and played some concerts, promising an album proper soon. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, the album was constantly pulled back, sometimes for personnel reasons, as the original keyboardist was replaced by Globalys' Bertrand Vanvarembergh in late 2005. This change gave the band a new impetus, provoking a solid evolution in the band's abilities, but it took almost another five years of (Im)Patience for the band's followers to finally discover their first real album with that pun-in-form title, but the wait was finally worth it.