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The musical universe of Weend'ô (founded in 2008) is a subtle mix of rock, between Pink Floyd's ambiant references and Tool's modern riffs. The harmonized and uncluttered arrangements support an original, powerful voice; emotionally charged, influenced by the famous singer Anneke Van Giersbergen (ex The Gathering).

Weend'ô explores the depths of the human psyche: its qualities and faults, its fears and joy, its relationships... The lyrics are written from real experiences and through melodic progressive rock, the audience is invited to a journey from the inside. Whether incisive or sensitive, Weend'ô «speaks» to our hearts and our souls.

Their 1st album CD/DVD “You Need To Know Yourself” released in January 2012 received very good reviews in Holland, Canada, Poland, France, Brazil, and be pronounced “best band and best album of November 2012” in a bresilian rock metal prog zine.

From 2013 Weend’ô is performing at 4 with new arrangements brought by International Prog Award nominee Stephane De.Reine (Stephane Deriau-Reine – Los Angeles), producer and keyboardist for numerous bands and artists worldwide.
The band was invited by Musicwaves and Clive Nolan (Pendagron, Arena) to an intimate show to support the Clive Nolan’s Musical “Alchemy” in March 2013 and the International Festival “PROG SUD” near Marseilles (Southern France) confirmed their participation to the 14th edition (May 2013).

Weend'ô is hoping to share with many different audiences a magical & memorable moment!

- Laëtitia Chaudemanche : vocals/keyboard (co-founder)
- Térence N’guyen Van : guitar/arrangements (co-founder)
- Maxime Rami : bass
- Nathanaël Buis : drums/loops