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Somewhere between Progressive rock, song, world-music and electro, the atypical, dreamy and researched music of LAZULI takes us far from the beaten tracks with a quite unusual band. This French group uses actually in bulk Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar, marimbas, vibraphone, percussions, guitars, voice... An instrumentation not unlike Peter GABRIEL's in his early years, when his guitar player was named Robert FRIPP. And that's not by chance ! The Leode is also played here, invented and constructed in only one copy by Claude LEONETTI, being the surprising mix of a guitar, a synthesizer, a melodic saw and a Martenau wave. This instrument controls a sampling machine and a multi-effect system through a MIDI module. The instrument must be played with only one hand: the musician unfortunately lost an arm in a motorbike accident when he was young. LAZULI conceives songs like pictures, mixing colours, depicting the world or repainting it. Words question the wounds of today. The ethereal, outlandish voice swarms with puns describing man in every forming and deforming... LAZULI will enchant and bewitch you. "En Avant Doute..." might create the big surprise of that finishing year 2006. This is a beautiful collection of sophisticated songs, succeeding in combining the suggestive power of words and the sophistication of the instrumentation. ANGE lovers will appreciate the cover of a classic, "Capitaine Coeur De Miel". The CD has a bonus DVD, compiling over 20 minutes live, a documentary lasting 40 minutes, a small Leode story (With an unmistakable English translation !), the video clip of "Le Repas De L'Ogre" and a slideshow, plus other material. While releasing this second opus, the Musea label presents the reissue of the first effort "Amnésie", that had made a strong impression when first released in 2003. Highlighting a particular song wouldn't be easy, since the level is kept high throughout the album. "Mal De Chien" is extraordinary though, starting as an intimist ballad, and evolving into an unlikely fanfare. A must have !