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"Never Be Part Of Your World" (2013):Debut of The Morganatics, is now a figure of birth in the early hours of the life of the group. If this first litter pups survived not all, it is a quartet more welded that never the Parisians deliver this year this second album that clearly aims to surpass the first. Lauris (lead guitar) and Nico (drums) have written first guitars and pianos that Sebastian had no trouble with his compositions. As for Chris, she finally takes more prominently on the song while it loads now samples and other programming. Real demiurge of Morganatics sound, it is still Bill Bastiani (Enhancer), with its groove and experience who recorded "WCFTS" Ongaku Studio.
The spleen was afloat on the debut album? "We Come From The stars", it springs outright. The Morganatics were only tears? They now have blood that rises them to the head, between anger and rage to live. And many texts deal with serious subjects (disease, grief), disturbing (depression, sex), or even controversial (incest, rape), ultra riffcompositions, pop melodies, electro sounds, the rhythmic swaying between metal, punk, and even disco (!), the structures sometimes direct, sometimes progressive, always full of groove, explore means for Chris and Seb spitting content autobiographical lyrics in the face of the world with both explosive than music a contemplative who takes the opposite of the difficulty of the themes written to better enforce those who strive to do anything you want to hear. It's like spitting his rage in a sublime fireworks of stars. From the Earth to the heavens, in a furious cry of hate and hope, between telluric anger and desire for transcendence.