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A band from Périgord (South West of France) founded by keyboards wizard Pascal Lachaize, Anoxie get some positive reviews in the musical press with their first EP published in 1986, "A New Dawn", featuring 'Visa For An Other World' and 'The Returning'. Then the band produces 'The Quest', a superb suite for the "Enchantement" compilation, a disc collecting the best French progressive bands, published by Musea in 1990 on the CD form.

Before recording a first concept album, the group, willing to keep the old demos, unpublished and live tracks of that time (1984-1987) from oblivion, gathers, according to Mellow Records' (an Italian label known for its reissues of seventies progressive rock gems) desire, several songs and remastered them. "Pastales" is a compilation testifying of Anoxie's first steps before the real thing !

Unfortunately, the band splits before recording that album in 1990. The band's testament, a live track ('The Man in the Moon'), has been released by Acid Dragon.