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Franck Carducci - Oddity Vinyle

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"On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the release of my first album" ODDITY ", I decided to reissue it on vinyl (very limited edition) which will be released on May 18, 2021.
In order to support independent stores during this difficult time, pre-orders will only be done on Quadrifonic from today.

In 2010, I decided to take the advice of my friend Steve Hackett and release an album containing songs that I had previously written. All that happened to me next was the consequences of that decision, so I owe a lot to "ODDITY" (and Steve).

Since then, I have received many requests to release it on vinyl, so a 10th anniversary seems like a good excuse to do so.

I hope you will enjoy discovering (or rediscovering) these musics on vinyl, which gives them a very 70s tone (which is consistent given my influences)
We worked on a new analog mastering of the 5 main tracks, which also gave me the opportunity to rediscover these songs.
Some of them were written when I was still a kid or young adult, and they might sound a bit "awkward" to some, but they were done that way and I wanted to keep them authentic, so I decided not to make any changes, although if I recorded these songs today for the first time, I would surely do some things differently. But again, for this release, I didn't want to play god and rewrite the past, so I left the music as it is, just adding a remaster to it.

I can't wait to introduce you to this vinyl!

Franck "


  - Achilles

  - The Quind

  - The Eyes of Age

  - Alice's Eerie Dream

  - The Last Oddity

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