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Promo - 2010

1st album from Jean Pierre Louveton's side project.

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This debut album, simpA side project by JP LOUVETON, guitarist and singer with the progressive band NEMO. Motivated by the desire to create a new musical framework, this group brings together musicians from different worlds around the guitarist: Julian CLEMENS (English-speaking German singer), Ludovic MORO-SIBILOT (Metal-influenced drummer) and Guillaume FONTAINE on keyboards, already a fellow member of called «WolfSpring», contains 8 tracks with a strong personnality, where virtuosity is always turned to a music that’s complex, rich and yet within the reach of anybody. Some kind of fondation stone of a new musical universe.


01. The Haunting (6.28)
02. 24/7 (5.47)
03. Carpathian Wolves (instrumental) (4.57)
04. Train's Gone (7.19)
05. Now Or Never (6.39)
06. Mutation (5.54)
07. Howling With The Banshee (instrumental) (6.59)
08. Our New Mediaevil World (12.18)

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