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INDELSPEEN was a band which toured in the Lyon region during the eighties. Formed by Nicolas Mourachko (guitars) and Pascal Indelicato (piano & keyboards), it featured Antoine Van Limburg (drums), Pierre Moissonnier (bass & vocals).
Indelspleen is dead now. But the two founders are still alive and kicking: with Thierry Sportouche (Anoxie's lyricist), they formed SILVER LINING in 1998.
In April 2004, Musea releases "The Inner Dragon", Silver Lining's début album recorded in Pascal’s studio. It's a concept album with fantasy lyrics and strong symphonic touches.
Abundantly saluted by the professional press in France (CrossRoads, Rock Hard) and the progressive one (Big Bang, Harmonie, Prog Résiste) but also the press abroad (Exposé, Colossus, Paperlate, Background, Progressive Newsletter, iO Pages, Mellotron…), "The Inner Dragon" gathers a deserved success: its symphonic progressive rock, led by Annie Morel's lyrical violin, is in all points majestic.