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MAI-AK AFFAIR is a band from the so-typical region Alsace, and claims it ! If you want to know what this name stands for, you may need to learn that a Maikäfer is nothing but a May-ladybug... That is, a June bug ! This combo was formed in Rouffach by the end of 1997, aiming at a simple idea: playing rock n' roll music, singing in French, and combining acoustic guitar sounds with electric strings. Performing as a guest-appearance before ANGE in May 2000, the musicians built up solid links with Christian DECAMPS who is a historic leader of that French legendary band. In turn, the Father shows up on the debut album of the Alsacians, "Marcher...", that was to be released soon after. "Différent" (2003) presents eight tracks that convey the energy that this band aims to transmit when the musicians are on stage. "Un Monde Merveilleux" is released on the Rebel Music label this time. To be discovered !