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Isatys was created in August 2002 and the first album “un bleu à l’ âme” was issued nearly 300 copies in October 2003. It was such a success that Isatys decided to make another one in February 2006 “Dance on the moon” (nearly five hundred copies).
Isatys performs in Aube, Marne, Yonne (Romilly sur seine, Nogent sur seine, Gélannes, Aix en Othe, Sens, Esternay, Sézanne …)
This group had a great success during the Rabardels festival in Romilly sur Seine; they played before “Ange”. That cheered the group up and Isatys created the third album “Planète Germinal” in November 2008. The conception of this album signed by Thierry Rougeaux, famous for his work in comics, designed the booklet. The music of Isatys is classified as progressive Rock. They were inspired by Ange, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Marillon, Deep purple. Concerning the lyrics, the group was influenced by Brel, Ferré, Décamps and Jonasz.