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Who we are

01. Who is Quadrifonic?

Quadrifonic is a non-profit association (law 1901), made up of a small team of volunteers, offering concert performances by the Nemo group, and secondarily the sale of Nemo albums and its members. individual title.
Through this site, we are offering other self-produced and independent artists to benefit from online sales.

02. Which artists?

Quadrifonic offers other artists the benefit of its online sales site. This is for any self-produced group / artist offering "ambitious" or off-standard music (Progressive Music, Atmospheric ...), French or Francophone. The team of the association gives itself free choice, after listening, to respond or not to the request.

03. How to apply?

Send a promo CD to:

Quadrifonic Association
Les Vigneaux
43000 Ceyssac

The team will respond to any request, whether positive or not. For any additional information, especially regarding the parts to be provided, send an email to submit a production.