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Paskinel - Maraude Automnale View larger

Paskinel - Maraude Automnale

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Paskinel - Fall Marauding

s o r t i e : j u n e 9 2 0 2 3

Here is the first album of Paskinel, behind which we find Patrick "Paskinel" Dufour, accompanied by Frederic "Tournerif" Chaput, that is to say 2/3 of the group Alco Frisbass. And as Fabrice Chouete takes part in the party on the first title, "La danse des feux follets", it is the whole trio which works on this autumnal Maraude.

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La danse des feux follets 5:57
Tartempion 6:46
Bille en tête 4:46
Maraude automnale 6:43
One O’clock 4:32
Cristal qui songe 7:20
L’écho noir 6:53
Au forum des commérages 7:01
Durée de l’album : 50:02

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